ISP Squash


  Below links are the photographs of all the torunament organised by Indian Squash Professionals
  No Name of the Tournament Date
  122 IIT-ISP Open Squash Championship (Mens Open, Doubles Open & Doubles Handicap) 13th March 2016
  121 Mumbai Inter-Club Squash League (At Juhu Gymkhana, Khar Gymkhana and Otters) 6th March 2016
  120 Otters Club - ISP Classic 17th Jan 2016
  119 Sports for All - Squash Championship, At D.Y.Patil Stadium, Navi Mumbai 31st Dec 2015
  118 NSCI & ISP Juniors and Doubles Squash Championship 19th Dec 2015
  117 JVPG-ISP Squash Championship 2015-League 2 At Juhu Vileparle Gymkhana 7th Nov 2015
  116 JVPG-ISP Squash Championship 2015 At Juhu Vileparle Gymkhana 12th October 2015
  115 3rd  Leg All India JVPG-Coke Squash Carnival at Juhu Gymkhana 31st August 2014
  114 2nd Leg All India JVPG-Coke Squash Carnival at Juhu Gymkhana 2nd August 2014
  113 1st Leg All India JVPG-Coke Squash Carnival at Juhu Gymkhana 12th July 2014
  112 36th Maharashtra State Championship for Boys and Girls U-15, U-17 and U-19 from 4th to 6th July at Parbhani 6th July 2014
  111 36th Maharashtra State Championship for Boys and Girls U-11, U-13 and Seniors (Mens and Womens Open) at Jaglaon 30th May 2014
  110 35th Maharashtra State Championship for Sub Juniors and Seniors at  Osmanabad 28th July 2013
  109 The Club squash League 2013 8th Feb 2013
  108 Sunil Verma Memorial Open Squash Championship 2013, Jindal, Vashind 20th Jan 2013
  107 Bombay Gym-GVK 4th Braveheart Ashok Kamte Squash Classic 2012, Bombay Gym 29th Dec 2012
  106 34th Maharashtra State Junior Squash Championship at Jalgaon 23rd Sept 2012
  105 34th Maharashtra State Junior Squash Championship at Nanded  8th July 2012
  104 Coca-Cola Squash Open Championship 2012 at Kendriya Vidyalaya, New Delhi  29th July 2012
  103 33rd Maharashtra State Squash Championship 2011 at Nanded Club, Maharashtra  30th September 2011
  102 JVPG-GVK 3rd Braveheart Ashok Kamte Squash Classic 2011 at Juhu Gymkhana Club, Mumbai 23rd July 2011
  101 ISP-Aurangabad Squash Tournament, at Nath Valley School, Aurangabad  10th July 2011
  100 ISP'S 100th tournament ISP-MINUTE MAID Squash Carnival 2011 12th Feb 2011
  99 Raju Chainani Junior Squash Championship 2010 at NSCI Club, Worli, Mumbai 13th Nov 2010
  98 GVK-JVPG 2nd Braveheart Ashok Kamte Squash Classic 2010 at Juhu Gymkhana Club, Mumbai    27th March 2010
  97 The Club Squash Classic 2010 (Men's Top 8 / Double's Handicap / Junior Events) From 22nd, 23rd and 24th February 2010 at The Club,  Mumbai 24th February 2010
  96 JSW All India School & Junior College Squash Championship Maharashtra Ranking Squash Tournament (At Jindal Squash Academy, Vashind, Thane District 7th February 2010
  95 MSSA-NIKE 5th Inter School Squash Tournament 2009-2010 4th February 2010
  94 University of Mumbai Inter College Squash Tournament,at Police pics 11th November 2009
  93 SPRITE-ISP All India Open Squash Tournament 2009 (Mens Open /Over 35/BU19/BU17/BU15/BU13/ Women's Open/GU13/GU15/GU17/Handicap Doubles) at Kendriya Vidyalaya, R.K.Puram, New Delhi   25th August 2009 
  92 GVK-JVPG Squash Open 2009 (Mens/Over35/Over45 Open Doubles Top8/Handicap & Junior Handicap) at Juhu Vileparle Gymkhana, Mumbai 14th March 2009 
  91 The Club Squash Championship 2009 (Men's Open / Double's Handicap & Sub-Junior Events) 7th March 2009 
  90 BRAVEHEART ASHOK KAMTE SQUASH (Doubles Top-8 by Invitation & Doubles Handicap), at Juhu Vileparle Gymkhana, Mumbai. 8th February 2009
  89 MSSA-NIKE 4th Interschool Squash Tournament 2008 (Bombay Gymkhana)  26th Nov 2008
  88 Minute Maid Pulpy Orange Squash Classic 2008 (Mens Top-16 by Invitation, Handicap Doubles and Celebrity Event) From 20th to 23rd September 2008, at Gold’s Gym, Mumbai) 23rd Sept 2008
  87 BG-SRAM Maharashtra Squash League 23rd June 2008
  86 ISP - Northern India Invitation Inter School Squash Championship at New Delhi 20th April 2008
  85 Gold's Gym - ISP Squash Masters 2008 (Men's Top 8, Doubles Top-8 & Open squash event for Celebrities) at Gold's Gym, Lokhandwala, Andheri west, Mumbai  15th March 2008
  84 JVPG Club – ISP Squash Classic 2008 (Mens Top 16 by Invitation & Handicap Doubles Event) at Juhu Gymkhana, Mumbai 3rd February 2008
  83 MSSA Nike annual inter school squash 2007-2008 at Bombay Gymkhana 9th Dec 2008
  82 All India Inter University Squash Championship at CCI, Mumbai 22nd Nov 2007
  81 Mumbai University Inter-Collegiate Squash Championship 2007 at CCI, Mumbai 13th Nov 2007
  80 JSW All India School & Junior College Squash Championship 2007 (Maharashtra Ranking Tournament) at Jindal Squash Academy, Thane 07th Oct 2007
  79 Pratik's Gems - NMSA - ISP Squash Team Championship at Navi Mumbai Sports Club, Navi Mumbai 09th Sept 2007
  78 The Leela - ISP Squash Classic 2007 at Hotel The Leela, Mumbai 27th May 2007
  77 ISP – Police Gymkhana Handicap Doubles & Men's Top -8 at Police Gymkhana, Marine Lines, Mumbai 1st April 2007
  76 MSSA School Tournament 2007 at Bombay Gymkhana 25th Feb 2007
  75 ISP Platinum Jubilee All India Squash Carnival 2007 at The Club & Juhu Gymkhana, Mumbai 31st Jan 2007
  74 Club Prana - ISP Squash Classic (Doubles Handicap and Men's Top 8) at Hyatt Regency, Mumbai 7th Jan 2007
  73 All India Inter School/College Individual Squash Open Championship at Juhu Gymkhana, Mumbai 15th Oct 2006
  72 Tri University Squash Championship at Police Gymkhana, Marine Lines, pic 4th Oct 2006
  71 The Leela – ISP Squash Classic (Handicap Team Event) at Hotel The Leela From 9th July 2006 to 17th Sept 2006
  70 Rajiv Gandhi Mini Olympics - Squash Tournament at Juhu Gymkhana, Mumbai 18th May 2006
  69 JVPG  Harman Baisakhi ISP Squash Classic at Juhu Vileparle Club, Juhu, Mumbai 14th April 2006
  68 KG-NECC Mumbai Open Squash Championship 2006 at Khar Gymkhana, Mumbai 12th April 2006
  67 ISP - Maharashtra Top 8 Invitation Championship at Otters Club 8th April 2006
  66 Khar Gymkhana – ISP Mumbai Open Squash Championships at Khar Gymkhana 25th Feb 2006
  65 The Club - ISP Squash Classic (Men's Top 16, Handicap Doubles, Juniors U-15, Juniors U-19) at The Club, Andheri West, Mumbai 18th Feb 2006
  64 1st  SBI - Mumbai Schools Sports Association Inter School Squash Tournament at CCI, Mumbai 11th Feb 2006
  63 Khar Gymkhana-Airtel All India School/College Individual Squash Open Championship 2005 at Khar Gymkhana 11th  Sept 2005 
  62 Herald Maritime Services Squash Open 2005 at Otters Club, Bandra, Mumbai 2nd July 2005
  61 Mandpeshwar Civic Federation - ISP doubles Squash at Mandpeshwar Club, Boriwali West, Mumbai 6th March 2005
  60 Khar Gymkhana - Hero Honda Squash Classic at Khar Gymkhana, Mumbai 20th Feb 2005
  59 Khar Gymkhana - ISP Mumbai Open Squash Championship (Men's Top-8, Open Doubles & Handicap Doubles) at Khar Gymkhana 17th Dec 2004
  58 Club Aquaria - ISP (Men's Top 8 & Doubles Open) at Club Aquaria, Boriwali West, Mumbai 10th Oct 2004
  57 Khar Gymkhana-Airtel All India School/College Individual Squash Open at Khar Gymkhana, Khar, Mumbai 8th Sept 2004
  56 SSMSA Inter School Individual Squash Championship at Juhu Gymkhana, Juhu, Mumbai 29th Aug 2004
  55 Herald Maritime Services Squash Open 2004 at Otters Club, Bandra, Mumabai 31st July 2004
  54 Leela - ISP Squash Classic (Handicap Team Event) at Hotel The Leela, Mumbai 25th July 2004
  53 Tulipstar  - ISP Doubles Squash (Men's Top-16 & Handicap Doubles Event) at Hotel Tulip Star Juhu, Mumbai 4th April 2004
  52 Transworld & NMSA Squash Handicap Team Championship (Navi Mumbai Sports Club, Vashi) 14th Mar 2004
  51 Club Prana Spa & ISP Double Squash Tournament (at Hyatt Regency Hotel) 22nd Feb 2004
  50 Khar Gymkhana - ISP Golden Jubilee Squash (at Khar Gymkhana) 1st Feb 2004
  49 Club Prana Spa & Fitness Center & ISP Double Squash (By Invitation Top 16) at Hotel Hyatt Regency, Sahar, Mumbai 23rd Nov 2003
  48 Khar Gymkhana - ISP Mumbai Open Doubles Squash (at Khar Gymkhana) 19th Nov 2003
  47 Herald Maritime Services Squash Open (Otters Club, Bandra) 5th July 2003
  46 Tulipstar - ISP Doubles Squash (Mens Top 8 by Invitation) at Hotel Tulip Star, Juhu 12th June 2003
  45 Khar Gymkhana-ISP Open Doubles Squash (Handicap) at Khar Gymkhana 30th May 2003
  44 The Leela – ISP Squash Classic (Handicap Team Event) at Hotel The Leela  18th May 2003
  43 Khar Gymkhana - Orix West Zone Inter-School/College Squash Championship 2002 (Khar Gymkhana, Khar) 12th Aug 2002
  42 THE LEELA - ISP SQUASH MASTERS (Handicap team event) at Hotel The Leela 14th July 2002
  41 ISP-Juhu Centaur Doubles Handicap Squash Tournament (Juhu Centaur, Juhu) 12th May 2002
  40 Mid-Day Squash League (Doubles Handicap Event) at Andheri Sports Club 18th Oct 2001
  39 Khar Gymkhana West Zone Inter School/Jr. College Squash (Khar Gymkhana) 1st Sept 2001
  38 Switcher-The Leela Squash Masters (Hotel The Leela) 30th Apr 2001
  37 Jindal Handicap team event (Jindal Recreation Centre, Shahpur, Thane District) 25th Feb 2001
  36 Marquis Resort-Juhu Centaur Double Squash (Hotel Juhu Centaur, Juhu, Mumbai) 13th Jan 2001
  35 Khar Gymkhana West Zone Inter-School/Jr.College Squash (Khar Gymkhana, Khar, Mumbai) 6th Aug 2000
  34 The Leela-Monarch Doubles & Team Handicap event (Hotel The Leela) 16th July 2000
  33 Wilingdon Handicap Team Event Championship (Willingdon Catholic Gymkhana, Santacruz) 30th Apr 2000
  32 Kolhapur Open Squash (Handicap team event, doubles & Open) Residency Club, Kolhapur City 7th Apr 2000
  31 Kanchan Pro Master (Professionals & Doubles) Willingdon Catholic Gymkhana, Santacruz West, Mumbai 1st Apr 2000
  30 Switcher - The Leela Top 8 Men/Women/Junior (Hotel The Leela) 25th Feb 2000
  29 Jindal Invitation Cup (Handicap team event), Shahpur, Thane District 4th July 1999
  28 Navi Mumbai Squash Spectacular (Navi Mumbai Sports Club, Vashi) 26th June 1999
  27 Royal Palms Handicap Squash tournament (Royal Palms, Goregaon, Mumbai) 1st Nov 1998
  26 Dewan Housing Classic (Otters Club) 9th Aug 1998
  25 ISP-Mukesh Babu Group Satellite (Otters Club)  16th Feb 1998
  24 The Leela-Switchers masters (The Leela)  19th Dec 1997 
  23 Jindal's Handicap team event (Jindal Recreation, Thane)  31st Aug 1997
  22 Body Scape Corporate squash (Hotel Resort, Mumbai)  24th Aug 1997
  21 Videocon Squash Classic (Otters Club)  29th Jun 1997
  20 Dewan Housing Squash Challenge (Otters Club) 24th Mar 1997
  19 The Leela Squash Spectacular (The Leela) 22nd Jan 1997
  18 Monarch-Continental handicap doubles (Otters Club, Mumbai) no pic 30th Oct 1996
  17 Monarch-Haveli Continental handicap team event  (Otters Club, Bandra) 15th Aug 1996
  16 Continental-Monarch, Club Aquaria tournament (Club Aquaria) 1st Aug 1996
  15 S. K. Pro & doubles squash tournament (Khar Gymkhana) 15th Jan 1996
  14 Monarch-Continental, Khar Gym Open (Khar Gymkhana) 15th Oct 1995
  13 Kanakia-Monarch Men's Top-16 (Khar Gymkhana) 30th July 1995
  12 Monarch - Ovenfresh handicap team event (Khar Gymkhana)  30th July 1995
  11 The Leela President's Cup (The Leela) 23rd Apr 1995
  10 Haveli-Hyabs one-day tournament (Khar Gymkhana) 30th Mar 1995
  9 Monarch Group - Shiva Marketing Doubles Squash (Khar Gymkhana) 27th Mar 1995
  8 Jindal's Pro Masters (Willingdon Sports Club) 24th Jan 1995
  7 Monarch-Haveli 2nd Pro Masters (Otters Club)  31st Oct 1994
  6 The Leela & Kanakia Constructions handicap squash (The Leela) 9th Sept 1994
  5 The Leela - Monarch - Timmy Builders Doubles Squash (The Leela) 1st May 1994
  4 The Leela & Oberoi's handicap tournament (The Leela) 1st Dec 1993
  3 Transworlds Twin championship (CCI) 31st May 1993
  2 Monarch and Mudra's Suburban Tournament (at The Leela) 1st May 1993
  1 Monarch-Mudra's 1st Pro Masters (Otters Club) 22nd Jan 1993