From 9th July 2006 to 17th September 2006 every Sunday: Hotel The Leela, Sahar, Mumbai

 The Runners Up Club Millenium team members:  Harjinder Singh, Jay Thappa,
Ashish Bhagra, Riaz Mohammed and Sanjay Goyal receiving the trophies
from Khalid A-H Ansari (Chairman Emeritus, SRAM)


At the prize distribution function held at Hotel The Leela from left to right :
Mr Mahendra Agarwal (Founder Director, ISP), Vijay Waghela, Rajesh Rajani,
Dhiraj Nagpal, Vinod Rijhwani (Winning Khar Gymkhana “B” team members)
along with Mr Khalid A-H Ansari and Noreena (Vice President, ISP)


  Shiv Malhotra (Secretary General, SRAM) giving away the trophy to Manish Chauhan
& Ravi Patil  (Team members of Club Aquaria “A”, Quarterfinalist in Handicap Team Event)


Sitting on the dias from left to right : Ashok Nagpal (Treasurer, ISP), Sanjay Goyal,
Khalid A-H Ansari and Shiv Malhotra 


Mr Sanjay Goyal giving away the prize to Karan Malhotra & Aditya Shastri
(team members of Khar Gymkhana “A” Quarterfinalist in Handicap Team Event)


Mr Ashok Nagpal giving away the prize to Sanjay Salvi (team member of Club Aquaria “B”
 Quarterfinalist in Handicap Team Event)


Jogi Singh & Yakub Shaikh (Team members of “ISP” Quarterfinalist in Handicap Team Event)
receiving the trophy from Ashok Nagpal 


Shiv Malhotra giving away the trophy to NMSA team (Quarterfinalist in Handicap Team Event)
from left to right : Sonu Mirani, Hemant Khera, Leon Emanuel, Inderpal Singh and Shashi Gupta


 At the function Ms Surili Gupta with Bina Agarwal & Mr Mahendra Agarwal (Founder Director, ISP)


Present at the function Mr Gupta, Ms Sangeeta Musle, Sushila Pathak and Seema Agarwal








Runners Up CLUB MILLENIUM TEAM MEMBERS Jay Thapa, Sanjay Goyal, Harjinder Singh, Riaz Mohd and Ashish Bhagra 





Khalid Ansari giving away the trophy to winning Khar Gym "B" team members
(Rohan Gracias, Vijay Waghela, Dhiraj Nagpal, Rajesh Rajani and Vinod Rijhwani 















Ashok Nagpal giving away trophy to Jogi Singh and Yakub Shaikh






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