Dewan Housing Squash Challenge (Otters Club)  


24th Mar 1997


 At the prize distribution ceremony held at Haveli Restaurant, Juhu, Mumbai
Mr Michael Ferreira along with Navneet Soni (Director, ISP), Rahmat Khan (International Coach),
 Mahendra Agarwal (Founder Director, ISP) & Subhash Wali (Director, ISP)



 Mr Navneet Soni handing over the trophy to Charishma Juneja



 Mr Navneet Soni handing over the trophy to Parineeta Choudhari



All winners along with their trophies

  Salma Agha (Hindi film actress), Rahmat Khan (coach to world no 1 Jahangir Khan) with Mahendra Agarwal (ISP)  
  At the press conference of the tournament Subhash Wali (ISP), Parineeta Choudhari, Vaman Apte (SRAM, President),
Mahendra Agarwal (ISP), Vijay Gautam (IAS) and Chandrakant Pawar

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