ISP Squash

Squash Player Magazine

  Issue - August SP202

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COMMENT: Sad farewell; Advantages become Nemesis

NEWS: Tour set to resume; Changes at WSF; New Ball Game

WORLD SQUASH: World Squash Day

FEATURES: Simcock remembered; Gibson’s Column; Pearman moves on; Gaultier returns; Super US Centre; Raneem Departs; Hall of Fame; History

CLUB SCENE: How will coronavirus affect club life?

POSTER: Raneem El Welily

WORKSHOP: News; Khan on Building Intensity; Stiff on coaching changes; Engelbrecht’s Mental Mission; Major Maniam on De-Stressing for Success; Tactic No.8; Swinging Marlowe; Andrew Cross on Focus; Ronny on Reading Play; Renato’s Court; Newton on Strength; Nisbet on building strength.

GUIDE: The Össur Safe Squash Guide – all the practices and games you can use while being safe on court.

GALLERY: Rod Gilmour explores improvised court innovations during lockdown.