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  October SP203
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Squash Player Magazine

  October Issue 1

Squash Player magazine has brilliant content for the squash fan, all in one place, is fun, easy to read and informative. If you haven’t got it already get it now and receive free, the classic Squash Player back issue Workshop Special One. And take your pick on one of the Squash Player Poster Guides.

This much sort-after back issue includes: The top 10 pieces of advise from squash legend Peter Nicol that you can use in your game. The Coaching Clinic shows you how to analysis and minimize loose shots in your play. Here to is the definitive Squash Player Health Guide on cramp, squash injuries and first aid.

MatchPlay Guide; Tactics Guide; Squash Strength Training Guide; Shoulder Pain Guide; Groin Pain Guide; McCaw’s Core Guide and McCaw’s Quick Tips Guide. 


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On the Squash Player website you will find selected articles from the latest issue SP202: 

Farewell Raneem
Squash Player says goodbye to, the former World No.1, popular Egyptian pathfinder Raneem el Welily here.

Variations in your game
You may like lots of variation in your game but  can you overdo it. Here are the tactical rules (tactic 8) you should use here.
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After a long search rare copies of the much sort after book, ‘Excelling at Squash’ by Ian Mckenzie with the Foreward by Jonah Barrington have been found. There are not many available.


Squash Player Magazine

  Issue - August SP202

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COMMENT: Sad farewell; Advantages become Nemesis

NEWS: Tour set to resume; Changes at WSF; New Ball Game

WORLD SQUASH: World Squash Day

FEATURES: Simcock remembered; Gibson’s Column; Pearman moves on; Gaultier returns; Super US Centre; Raneem Departs; Hall of Fame; History

CLUB SCENE: How will coronavirus affect club life?

POSTER: Raneem El Welily

WORKSHOP: News; Khan on Building Intensity; Stiff on coaching changes; Engelbrecht’s Mental Mission; Major Maniam on De-Stressing for Success; Tactic No.8; Swinging Marlowe; Andrew Cross on Focus; Ronny on Reading Play; Renato’s Court; Newton on Strength; Nisbet on building strength.

GUIDE: The Össur Safe Squash Guide – all the practices and games you can use while being safe on court.

GALLERY: Rod Gilmour explores improvised court innovations during lockdown.