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Squash Player Magazine 2023 Issue 2




The latest issue of Squash Player magazine (2032 Issue 2) asks, ‘what are the criticalquestions for our sport’? Earlier this year European Squash threw its hat intothe ring (and should be congratulated for doing so) with an innovative ThinkTank but did they ask the right questions? In a major article Squash Player suggests a fundamental reviewof our sport with critical questioning and some basic research.

Questioning should also take in the perplexingissue of the rules. In the hot seat in this issue is PSA’s refereeing supremoLee Drew who responds to our interrogation.

Three things came together at the recent BritishOpen – brilliant play, an exciting new venue and a new location. We cover allthese aspects in this issue including the play but we acknowledge that thisclassic event was held at a significant new location for the sport. Birminghamwants to be seen as an international sporting venue and to have squash as partof that mix. Great, the city is behind squash!

When reporting on the Open in this issue we havethe assistance of Cross Court Analytics. Readers will find the results interestingand quite probably relevant to their own games.


EDITORIAL: How to promote squash –trickle down or bottom up?

NEWS: Squash bounces back in England;San Francisco canned, UK Squash Sell-Out; Walter’s Investment.

WORLD SQUASH: It all works withcommissions.

REFEREEING: Squash Player asks PSAthe key questions.

THINKING INSIDE THE BOX: What are, and what arenot the key questions to grow our sport.

BRITISH OPEN: Brilliant sportingtheatre and Birmingham a new ‘Open’ home.


INTERVIEW: Mostafa Asal and hisheroes.

GEAR: It is 100 years up for Dunlop andPaul Coll has a new racket.

ON COURT: Performances of theMonth; Round up; Rankings; Calendar; News; and Looking Forward.

WORKSHOP: News: Kemp turns Kiwi,Mental Training Research, England Squash Awards; Phillip Marlowe on back cornersecrets; Drew’s Diagnosis on Ali Farag’s depth; With Cross Court Analytics welook at the British Open stats and find some intriguing facts; Rodney Martin speakson the coaching ban; Hesham El Attar on developing that all elusive experience;and Jesse Engelbrecht on plugging the leak in your mental bucket.

GALLERY: James Zug on a CollegeCentennial, First State Squash’s new home, fitting a court in a lift, and agoodbye to Gordon Lightfoot.


Squash Player Magazine

Squash Player Magazine 2023 Issue 1

Mostafa Asal, world no.1 and squash's player of the future, reveals in an exclusive interview with Squash Player magazine, given on the eve of his ban from the sport, what the pressures are on him and how he hates the game at times. He calls for reform in key problem areas and we analyse the incidents that led to Asal being ejected from the sport. He adorns the cover, in a not untypical pose, while inside there are more pictures of his unique celebration routines. Asal also reveals his love of football and his obsessive passion for the FIFA video game.

Another exclusive interview in this issue is with former world champion Rodney Martin, who speaks to Squash Player about his coaching role.

The issue includes all the regular features, such as Gear, Club&Court, Events and Workshop, in which Hesham el Attar explains how to develop speed using ghosting and in the final of a four-part series, Ali Farag explains how he works out a game plan using SquashTV. In Gallery, James Zug takes us behind the scenes at the Tournament of Champions.


EDITORIAL: Getting to know Mostafa Asal; clear refereeing guidelines and ad-hoc decisions

NEWS: Asal’s ban adds a twist in the race to be world no.1; a long goodbye probably to Canary Wharf

WORLD SQUASH: There is a new Victorian era for squash, in Australia, and it is 50 years up for European Squash

HALL OF FAME: Abou Taleb is inducted into the Squash Player Hall of Fame

INTERVIEW: Mostafa Asal tells Ian McKenzie about the pressure that is over-whelming him and his love of football

ASAL BAN: Why was the Egyptian prodigy banned? We analyse the evidence

INTERVIEW: Former world champion Rod Martin takes a deep look inside his coaching role

DUNLOP FEATURE: Squash Player interviews young Dunlop stars Finn Withington and Amina Orfi

CLUB&COURT: McCabe support and Lewin Marsden’s enthusiasm add up to a thriving club in Scarborough; ASB’s new outdoor court; Jahangir opens a new centre; Nick Thompson of Melior and ASB team up in the UK

GEAR: Reprints of the Jonah Barrington classic ‘The Book of Jonah’ and ‘Jonah: The official biography of Jonah Barrington’ are now available; C-Smash, the new virtual racket game is launched; and Paul Coll gets an Adidas grip.

ON COURT: Performances of the Month; Round-up; Rankings; Calendar;

News; and Looking Forward

COMPETITION: Win Joel Markin’s Karakal Raw Pro 2.0 Signature Squash Racket

WORKSHOP: News includes: Nick Matthew’s second home; launch of a SquashSkills feature on Jonathon Power; Jesse Engelbrecht’s free mental training success toolkit; Hesham El Attar on ghosting for speed; and Drew’s Diagnosis on Hania El Hammamy’s adaptability

GALLERY: James Zug takes a peep behind the scenes at the ToC.

Squash Player Magazine

2022 Issue 4 THE ANNUAL
[Cover pic attached]


Who would you pick as Player of the Year?There has rarely in squash been a more interesting question or time. That isthe question we gave to an international panel of experts from different continentsand the answers are published in the latest issue of the Squash Playermagazine, The Annual. We also have the Young Player of the Year and the MostImproved Player Awards. The experts pick their Highlight of the Year, what isyours? We also have the Year in Stats - for example: what was the longest matchof the year? The significant squash records that have been broken during theyear are published and we also include the popular Photos of the Year.

Victor Crouin adorns the cover for thefirst time and readers get a change to win his racket. And read his story. Theissue includes all the regulars on Gear, Club&Court, Events and Workshop inwhich Ali Farag explains his game in Part 3 of his My Game series.

EDITORIAL: We look at the year and the task our expert Panel has in selecting theAward winners.

NEWS: Assem Allam passes on andleaves a brilliant legacy.

WORLD SQUASH: It is not hit and miss,there is a strategy behind the actions of our lead federation and Squash Player asks what it is.

OBITUARY: The great squash writer (scribe)Rex Bellamy passes on.

AWARDS: Squash Player announces its AnnualAwards.

HIGHLIGHTS: The panel ofexperts pick their Highlights of the Year.

STATS & RECORDS: Howard Hardingpresents the year in Stats and Mike Dale updates the sport’s records.

PICS OF THE YEAR: Award winningphotographer Nathan Clarke presents his best pics of 2022.

FEATURE: Will we be hearing more of VictorCrouin? Most probably, yes! This feature is an ideal place to start.

VEGAS: Squash57 joins in the unique 3 wallball championships in Las Vegas.

CLUB&COURT: Outdoors in Luxembourg andat the seaside in Yorkshire.

GEAR: Dunlop’s new man and colourfulKarakal.

ON COURT: Performances of the Month;Round-up; Rankings; Calendar;

News; and Looking Forward

COMPETITION: Win Victor Crouin’s racket,the Dunlop Sonic Core Revelation Pro Lite.

WORKSHOP: News; Drew’s Diagnosis on Marwan’sOption Taking; Newton investigates Low Wee Wern’s tenacious battle with injury;Hesham explains ghosting; Engelbrecht explains the mental ingredientsunderlying consistency; and Ali Farag discusses opponents and attackingopportunities.

GALLERY: James Zug peep’s behind the scenes atthe US Open.

Squash Player Magazine

Issue 4 SP2021 THE ANNUAL


In the latestSquash Player magazine, Ali Farag reveals the tactics that won him athird world title in an exclusive in-depth interview in the Workshop section.There are also contributions from Hesham El Attar on ghosting, JesseEngelbrecht on controlling nerves, Lee Drew on Diego Elias, Phillip Marlowe onboasting and the WSF’s Major Maniam on anticipation.

In theThinking Outside The Box series the magazine looks at Squash57’s invitation tothe outdoor 3WallBall championships in Las Vegas and asks whether reboundracket sports might be stronger together.

The editorcalls for the PSA to change the interpretation of the interference rule after afiasco at the British Open.

Nour El Tayebopens up about her sensational return to the top of the sport, with baby intow. Other features include BBC’s Outside Source presenter Ros Atkins onhis squash passion, plus interviews with James Willstrop and Joelle King asthey prepare for the defence of their Commonwealth Games singles titles,starting on July 28.


COMMENT: Mike Clemson proposes changes to Masters scoring; PatrickOsborn looks for consistency in Squash57 balls and the editor points out a refereeingrules fiasco.

NEWS: Mohamed ElShorbagy followsPeter Nicol’s example and opts to play for England. Comment and criticismfollow.

WORLD SQUASH: Squash Player meets the new European PresidentThomas Troedsson.

FEATURES: BBC Outside Source presenter Ros Atkins explains whyhe is a squash enthusiast.

Nour El Tayeb gets back on thecircuit with baby in tow.

THINKING OUTSIDE THE BOX: Squash57 gets an invite to the outdoor3WallBall Championships in Las Vegas.

COMMONWEALTH GAMES: Defending champions James Willstrop and JoelleKing look forward to Birmingham 2022; preview; doubles prospects; and United byBirmingham’s New Street Station spectacular; Guyana prepares.

CLUB&COURT: Latest news including the new Squash+ Outdoor courtmade of glass, steel and polycarbonate.

GEAR: Paul Coll signs for Raw Sport, plus new rackets incoming fromHead and Tecnifibre.

ON COURT: Comment on the mental game; Round-up; Performance of theMonth; Rankings analysis; News; Calendar; Looking Forward. British Open andWorld Championship analysis.

WORKSHOP: News, Drew’s Diagnosis on Diego Elias, My Game by Ali Farag,Hesham El Attar on the secrets of ghosting, Jesse Engelbrecht on combatingnerves, Phillip Marlowe on boasts and Major Maniam on deception.

HISTORY: When James Willstrop said, “I couldn’t ask for the ball toflow of my racket any better.”

GALLERY: James Zug on ChickenSoup, Polar Squash and La La Land.

Squash Player Magazine

Issue 4 SP2021 THE ANNUAL

In the first Squash Playermagazine issue of 2022 Richard Eaton assess the prospects of the fast-risingEnglish star Gina Kennedy who graces our cover for the first (and perhaps notlast) time. We also have the second part of a mini-series on British Open champion PaulColl (with support from his sponsor ROWE Motor Oil), detailing his journey from‘From Greymouth to Greatness’ and the lessons he has learnt along theway.

In our ongoing ‘State of the Game’and ‘Thinking Outside the Box’ series, Squash Player takes a criticallook at the issues facing squash. In this issue, we look in depth at (American)racquetball and consider its life-cycle and outdoor developments. We also lookat the development of racketball (Squash 57) and ask if this is the easier,more accessible game we have been waiting for.

In our Club&Court section, we introduce the new ‘Chief Inspector’ of squash standards,Tom Oldroyd, the Chair of the WSF Courts and Equipment commission

In our Workshop section, Jesse Engelbrecht continues his series on counteringpre-match nerves and Hesham El Attar explains the different types of crosscourtand when to play them. There is much more in this technical section for theplayer keen to improve their own game and for coaches, including articles on tacticalerrors to look out for, on ideal length from Phillip Marlowe an anticipation withMichael Khan.


COMMENT: Our editordiscusses Ukraine, mid-match coaching and squash’s relationship with racketball

OBITUARY: The life andinfluence on squash of pioneer Ann Jackson is remembered.

NEWS: Russia is ostracizedfrom squash circles and the World Junior Championships seeks a new home. Padelgrows and is in the money.

WORLD SQUASH: Scotlandgets behind World Doubles.

FEATURES: What are the prospectsfor England’s rising star Gina Kennedy?

Part two of the Paul Coll series.We also look back at the career of modern-day legend Gregory Gaultier.

RACQUETBALL: James Zug looks atthe rise and fall of racquetball in the US and its developments as an outoorpursuit.

STATE OF THE GAME: Thedevelopment of padel and the experience of Dax Mellor.

Is it a question of padel or racketball?

THINKING OUTSIDE THE BOX: SquashPlayer looks at the evolution of squash and asks if racketball is theeasier game we seek.

CLUB & COURT: News, TomOldroyd is squash’s new chief inspector, Abingdon Squash and Racketball Club goingstrong after 50 years, and the pleasure and practicalities of underfloorheating.

GEAR: Paul Collappoints a manager, Victor Crouin is snapped up by Dunlop while Head girlsclimb into the top 10. Joel Makin reveals what is in his bag.

ON COURT: Comment onthe battle for no.1; round-up and performances of the month.

There is a first UKwin for Farag plus a wrestling match at Canary Wharf. There is also News,Calendar and Looking Forward.

WORKSHOP: News, Drew’sDiagnosis on El Sherbini’s awareness, key tactical failures, Hesham El Attar oncrosscourts, Jesse Engelbrecht on nerves, Phillip Marlowe on fundaments and MichaelKhan on anticipation.

GALLERY: Chanel no.555 forJahangir, meeting up in Oz, squash theatre pre-Commonwealth Games, a court inthe tropics, Sex Education and Zelenskyy takes up squash.

Squash Player Magazine

Issue 4 SP2021 THE ANNUAL
    Headline: Player of the Year Announcement coming

The 2021 Squash Player Awards, selected by a panelof international experts, will be announced in Squash Player magazine’s ‘Annual’edition on Wednesday 26th January. Categoriesinclude: Player of the Year, Young Player of the Year, Most Improved Player of the Year, Comeback of the Year and and Tournament ofthe Year.

The sport’s all-time records arepublished each year in Squash Player‘s ‘Annual’ edition. Our 2021 Stats feature, in partnership, reveals which player won most matches, played most events andwho played the year’s longest match.

There are features on the next world no.1 Paul Coll, theworld’s greatest collection of squash memorabilia, an exclusive on a veryspecial pre-Commonwealth Games showcase event in Birmingham and we catch upwith squash genius turned pop star Ramy Ashour.

In our Club&Courtsection, we reveal how MSquash are setting the trends at their futuristic newcentre MSquash Sono campus in Connecticut. Mike Dale assess the state of oursport after the pandemic and our ‘ThinkingOutside the Box’ feature looks in-depth at the Iranian outdoor squashinitiative.

In the latestWorkshop section Jesse Engelbrecht addresses pre-match nerves and Hesham El Attarprovides ground-breaking analysis of a player’s recovery path and position.Also more on Tactical Errors, ‘My Game’ with Olivia Fiechter, and the new Offthe Wall Squash workshop on starting school programmes.

In ‘From TheGallery’,Alan Thatcher gives readers a peek behind the scenes at Canary Wharfand explains why Mohamed Asal was not in top form.

COMMENT: The Annual: Squash Player reviewsthe year and our international judging panel decide on the Annual Awards.

COLUMNS: James Zug’s ‘Letter fromAmerica’ and former world no.1 Karwin Darwish picks Youssef Ibrahim forthe top

NEWS: Birmingham New Street Station to host aspectacular pre-Commonwealth Games showpiece for squash; Alison Waters retires

WORLDSQUASH: Squash’s participation in multi-sport games

FEATURES: Ramy Ashour returns to the stage

THE ANNUAL: Records of the Year and how they stand historically;the all-time records; the year in stats – most matches played and won; longestmatch and more

AWARDS: Squash Player’s panel of internationalexperts choose the Award winners for 2021: Player of the Year, Young Player ofthe Year, Most Improved Player of the Year, Comeback of the Year and Tournamentof the Year.

STATE OF THE GAME: We assess the health ofgrassroots squash in the aftermath of the pandemic.

THINKINGOUT OF THE BOX: Squash Player reports on the latestoutdoor squash initiative.

CLUB & COURT: Squash Player reviews thetechnology used at the trend-setting MSquash Academy in Connecticut: interactiveSQUASH,the latest lights; D-Wall from TecnoBody and Blazepod to sharpen reaction times.

ON COURT: We look forward at a packed PSA Tour calendar,with the ToC rescheduled for May. In the rankings Paul Coll is breathing downthe neck of Ali Farag.

The Commonwealth Games in Birmingham provides a brilliantshowcase with Birmingham New Street’s spectacular glass atrium the setting fora week-long celebration of squash before the Games begin..

WORKSHOP: Graham Stevenson retires; Kenyainitiative; Richard Millman’s Rally Ball brand; NZ Trio decamp to Yorkshire;WSF coaches step up; Jesse Engelbrecht on combating nerves; your tactics and what can go wrong; Olivia Fiechter writes on her game; Hesham ElAttar explains the secrets of repositioning; Off the Wall reveal their schools plan;Lee Drew analyses Coll; Phillip Marlowe goes ‘Court Dancing’,

GEAR: Daryl Selby teams up with Harrow; Racketware comesin a new version; Ashaway re-launch their Hybrid string; and the Tecnifibrecompetition winners are announced.

GALLERY: Behind the scenes at Canary Wharf with AlanThatcher - The story behind Asal’s crash; Tim court short; Daryl Selby’s finalbid; Willstrop is third reserve; Superman is grounded; international fans andthe Peruvian Ambassador.

Squash Player Magazine

Issue 1 SP2021


Fares Dessouky is the cover starof the first Squash Player magazineof 2021. In a feature on him and a special analysis, we get to know him betterand look at how he has bounced back from defeat at Qatar 2020 to beat the worldno.1 twice in succession.

How is our sport faring? Squash Player’s ‘State of the Game’series continues with authoritative articles by renowned coach Danny Lee andexperienced club entrepreneur Steve Lewis.

Squash Playerchallenges the sport to ‘Think Outside the Box’ and reveals how we can use theprinciples of our game to take squash outside the court.
  New World Squash President ZenaWooldridge details her vision for the sport, PSA Chief Commercial Officer TommyBerden explains how important a new agreement with the Infront agency is and ex-worldno.1 Laura Massaro writes exclusively on her new book.

Former world champion RodneyMartin, a formative influence on the modern game, starts a new series bylooking at his early influences and Sarah-Jane Perry analyses her game in MatchPoints.

In the first issue of our 50thyear, we look back at some of the key issues and iconic covers of the last 50years.


COMMENT: Where are we taking this great sport? Columns by JamesWillstrop, Gerry Gibson and James Zug.

NEWS: MohammedElShorbagy ends his Egyptian exile, but it doesn’t end well.

WORLD SQUASH: Theworld squash community pays tribute to Hany Hamouda, the humble power behindEgyptian Squash.

FEATURES: LauraMassaro’s new book; Rodney Martin’s beginnings; Sarah-Jane Perry’s MatchPoints; Fares Dessouky goes from zero to hero; iconic covers in SquashPlayer’s 50th year.

STATE OF THE GAME:Danny Lee explains the importance of coaches, while Steve Lewis charts the riseand fall of proprietary clubs in the UK.

THINKING OUT OF THEBOX: Is ‘wall squash’ an important complement to ‘court squash’, and what shouldthe rules be? We also review street rackets.

INTERVIEWS: TommyBerden explains the PSA’s Infront relationship and Zena Wooldridge talks about herWorld Squash role.

CLUB & COURT: Allthe key club and court news, including the new Tin Tech from Melior Sports andthe spectacular ‘Tpoint’ courts in Tel Aviv.

ON COURT: Analysis andround-up.

WORKSHOP: News;Q&A; Tactical errors part 1; Mind Games; Perfect Practice; Rules Quiz;Marlowe on shot selection; Khan on reading the play; Coaches’ Corner with PeterNicol; Hesham on variations on the swing; Massaro’s philosophical look; Ryan ontraining around shoulder pain.

GEAR: Coll’s tributeto Baljet; Stellar launch; Racket Report; Sponsorship News; Head refresh theirracket range; String Review part 2.

GALLERY: Nathan Clarkeloses his passport.

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Squash Player Magazine

  December Issue 1

A brilliant new issue of Squash Player magazine will soon be available. Squash Player reveals why world junior champion Mostafa Asal ripped his shirt off and threw it into the crowd. All this was much to the chagrin of his defeated opponent world no.4 Paul Coll. In the final Squash Player of 2020 we feature feisty young Pharoahs, Asal and Hania El Hammamy, and reveal the winners in our Rolex Annual Awards.


Our Awards panellists pick out their highlights from a very strange year, as well as choosing their Most Improved Players, Tournament of the Year and give a special award to the company that saved squash.


World No.1 Ali Farag reveals his game secrets in the latest instalment of our ?MatchPoints? series; we speak to former world champion turned ?Super Coach? Rodney Martin and our investigation into the ?State of the Game? continues.


Our Workshop section features in-depth advice on improving your game from our team of experts. In our Gear section (presented in association with we bring you our shoe guide and reveal big announcements from Head and Dunlop.


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Squash Player Magazine

  October SP203
  Issue 3 of Squash Player, the World Squash magazine, is out now. Please find attached a jpeg of the front cover and a headline if needed (1) for your website. There is also a News Brief (2) for your news page and a summary of the magazine's main features (3). Please link to

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Squash Player Magazine

  October Issue 1

Squash Player magazine has brilliant content for the squash fan, all in one place, is fun, easy to read and informative. If you haven’t got it already get it now and receive free, the classic Squash Player back issue Workshop Special One. And take your pick on one of the Squash Player Poster Guides.

This much sort-after back issue includes: The top 10 pieces of advise from squash legend Peter Nicol that you can use in your game. The Coaching Clinic shows you how to analysis and minimize loose shots in your play. Here to is the definitive Squash Player Health Guide on cramp, squash injuries and first aid.

MatchPlay Guide; Tactics Guide; Squash Strength Training Guide; Shoulder Pain Guide; Groin Pain Guide; McCaw’s Core Guide and McCaw’s Quick Tips Guide. 


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On the Squash Player website you will find selected articles from the latest issue SP202: 

Farewell Raneem
Squash Player says goodbye to, the former World No.1, popular Egyptian pathfinder Raneem el Welily here.

Variations in your game
You may like lots of variation in your game but  can you overdo it. Here are the tactical rules (tactic 8) you should use here.
or a obtain it free with a print and digital offer here​.

After a long search rare copies of the much sort after book, ‘Excelling at Squash’ by Ian Mckenzie with the Foreward by Jonah Barrington have been found. There are not many available.


Squash Player Magazine

  Issue - August SP202

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COMMENT: Sad farewell; Advantages become Nemesis

NEWS: Tour set to resume; Changes at WSF; New Ball Game

WORLD SQUASH: World Squash Day

FEATURES: Simcock remembered; Gibson’s Column; Pearman moves on; Gaultier returns; Super US Centre; Raneem Departs; Hall of Fame; History

CLUB SCENE: How will coronavirus affect club life?

POSTER: Raneem El Welily

WORKSHOP: News; Khan on Building Intensity; Stiff on coaching changes; Engelbrecht’s Mental Mission; Major Maniam on De-Stressing for Success; Tactic No.8; Swinging Marlowe; Andrew Cross on Focus; Ronny on Reading Play; Renato’s Court; Newton on Strength; Nisbet on building strength.

GUIDE: The Össur Safe Squash Guide – all the practices and games you can use while being safe on court.

GALLERY: Rod Gilmour explores improvised court innovations during lockdown.