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Squash Awareness Clinic conducted by ISP


ISP-JVPG SQUASH COACHING CAMP (23 – 31 December 2006)

  At Juhu Vileparle Gymkhana

ISP organized a free coaching camp at Juhu Ville Parle Gymkhana during the winter vacations. A.I. Singh, who was assisted by Sachin Jadhav, Anil Mohite and Manish Chavan, conducted the camp. 40 participants attended the camp, coming from locations as far as Borivali and Churchgate. There were outstation players too, and one had bunked college for attending the camp, so we won’t name him! The spectrum of players ranged from beginners to advanced, young to very young- young being Bhushan Kumar and Sunil Goel- both 41, and youngest being Khushi Tomar- just 6 years of age! 

The ten-day camp had each day divided into 4 sessions for different groups of players, spread over 4 hours each day. The groups had been formed according to the playing standard of participants. The most advanced group, consisting of Ashok Suhag, Nilay Dalal, Ajan Jayant, Viraj Nayar, Kahan Gandhi, Sunil Goel, Gautam Modi and Rahul Modi started the proceedings each day. The focus area for this group was to learn some tactics, and refine their technique to implement those tactics. As their drills and energy reserves neared depletion, the next group of intermediate players would start limbering up, and challenging the tired first group players for matches! This second group consisted of Akshay Ahuja, Rahul Rajani, Rishabh Wadhwa, Shivam Mehta, Aashay Kejdiwal, Aditya Singhi and Rajat Agarwal, who doubled up as the camp entertainer with his antics. In fact, the camp had begun with an exhibition match between Rajat and Aditya. The stakes were high, as Aditya, being an Under-11 player, had to beat Rajat (Under-9 champion) in order to qualify for participating in ISP Platinum Jubilee tournament! He managed. 

As the 2nd group’s training progressed, the other group players would play ‘fun games’ in the tennis courts. Some of the players who enjoyed the camp and attended regularly were Eera, Yuvraj, Aditya, Dhruv, Divya, Shaishir, Hrushit, Jeet, Ramiz, Hussain, Gauri, Kanai, Aniket, Sahej, Arjuna, and Karan (from Bangalore). Then they had about two hours to continue having fun while learning some basics of squash. This group was made aware of fundamentals such as and ideal Grip, Swing etc, which they could practice during and after the camp. Enjoying a group atmosphere and forming friendships was a priority. A brief talk on Nutrition was delivered to the players by A.I.Singh. 

ISP also gained from the camp. Several beginners were initiated to squash due to this camp. Further, as per observations from participants and feedback from coaches, future camps will have stipulations that participants must compulsorily attend on the first day, and then attend at least 50% of the sessions. It observed that players who miss the briefing, basics of squash, planning for the camp etc on the first day never really gel with the rest of the players and cannot be oriented later. 

The camp served as an excellent opportunity to enhance the coaching skills of the assisting coaches, who started with some amount of hesitation in addressing groups of players, but eventually overcame their shyness and did well to manage large groups and hold their attention to the drill objectives. 

Capt Suvarna, Asst. Controller (Sports) of Juhu Ville Parle Gymkhana, handed the participation certificates to players at the end of the camp. 

The next camp is planned for May. This will be a longer duration camp in terms of days and hours for each day, with totally separate timings for advanced players, and a 30 minute transition time before the other group players arrive. This will enable each group to be managed more effectively and provide breaks for coaches. A training plan that includes progression for each player’s capabilities will be provided to each participant of every group. Keep an eye on our website for that camp’s announcement!

by Amitoj Inder Singh


Acres Club, Chembur

  From 13th – 22nd May 2004


Smashing success
Mid-day 25-5-2004

In the first of its series of squash clinics, Indian Squash Professionals’ (ISP) camp at the Acres Club in Chembur on Saturday met with success.

Sanjay Pawar (Khar Gymkhana) along with Prashant Khaira (Country Club) and Sameer Pawar (Andheri Sports Complex) were in charge of the clinic that attracted 15 participants.

Sanjay Gupta, one of the participants said he wished there were more such clubs in the city and even offered to sponsor a squash tournament.

ISP’s agenda is to expose squash to the masses by organizing squash awareness clinics.

Ten free coaching camps have been organized in Mumbai and in the interiors of Maharashtra.  ISP aims to conduct 30 camps throughout the year.

ISP is the only Non-Profit Sports NGO in India.  The next clinic will be held at Oberoi Garden Housing Society at Kandivli (East).


Oberoi Garden HSG. SOC.

From 31st May – 9th June 2004


Kandivali Residents take to squash
Mid-day 9th June 2004.

The second Indian Squash Professionals awareness clinic at the Oberoi Garden Housing Society, Kandivali (E) is a smashing success.

Thirty nine juniors (under-19) participated and received training from Sanjay Pawar, the son of nine-time National champion Chandrakant Pawar, along with assistants Samir Pawar (Andheri Sports Club) and Prashant Khere (Country Club).

Under-19 player Karan Goyal said he felt great after playing squash and was inclined to take up the game full time.  Mekhla Joshi, also an under-19 player, said camps like these should be held throughout the year.  Esha Adhwara wanted to test her skills in tournaments after benefiting from this clinic.

Charles, the manager of all the four residential societies – Oberoi Garden, Challengers Club, Viceroy and Gundecha said he would ensure members get the right kind of guidance in the sport.

The Oberoi Garden clinic ends on June 9.  The next clinic will be held at Ghatkopar Jolly Gymkhana from June 14.            


Jolly Gymkhana, Ghatkopar


From 14th – 25th June 2004


Another success for ISP
Mid-day 25-6-2004

The third Indian Squash Professionals Squash Awareness Clinic at Jolly Gymkhana was a success with 20 players participating in the ten-day free camp for beginners.

But after the camp most of the participants said they would be taking up squash more seriously.

“My friends and I have become very serious about the game and are looking to organize a tournament at the gymkhana very soon,” said one of the participants Anish Mehta.

Another participant Vinay Phatarphekar said this clinic had changed the entire look of the game and has given different looks to the members.

On the last day a tournament was organized in three different categories after which the joint honorary secretary of Jolly Gymkhana, Jitendra Zatakia and Balwant Sanghrajka awarded mementos to the winners.

The next camp will be held at Goregaon Sports Club.


Goregaon Sports Club


From 29th – 8th July 2004



ISP free coaching concludes

The Indian Squash Professionals’ (ISP) work of promoting squash to all parts of the city continued with another free coaching camp at the Goregaon Sports Club.  The 10 day camp that concluded yesterday saw 25 beginners from the age of 12 to 45 taking to the game.

ISP has organized such a camp for the first time in this suburban club.  Sanjay Pawar was more than happy with the turnout.  “The club itself is quite new (it was inaugurated in March this year) and so the response is more than overwhelming.  Their interest in the game is also high,” Pawar said.  Jadhav, who also conducts regular coaching at the club, was of the same opinion.  “Everyone is regular and has worked hard at learning the basics.  In 10 days they have managed to understand the basics really well. They can become good players if they continue to practice every day,” Jadhav said.

One of the beginners, Chintan Shah, took the game just for recreation but has now developed a liking towards it.  “In the beginning I came to the camp just for fun.  But now I really like playing squash.”  “I can’t wait to improve my game and play in tournaments,” said Shah who comes from Juhu everyday for the camp.


Renaissance Club, Andheri

  (From 19th to 28th July)

ISP squash camp concludes
Mid-day : 29/7/2004

Yet another squash camp, conducted by the Indian Squash Professionals, concluded at the Renaissance Club on Wednesday. The ten-day camp was attended by 20 players from various age groups who received basic training  from coaches of ISP.

This was the fifth camp organized by the ISP with an aim to promote squash in the city. ISP has plans to organise 25 more camps across the city.

35-year-old Farzana Kazi, who participated in the camp with her two childre said that the camp was very beneficial and felt it should have been held for a longer duration.

  KVSC/ Poinsar Gymkhana
  From 3rd to 12th August 2004


Rains fail to dampen spirits at KVSC
Mid Day : 14/8/2004

The 6th Indian Squash Professionals Squash Awareness Clinic at the Kamla Vihar Sports Club proved another super success for the squash body. The 10-day free coaching camp was held from August 3 to 12.

The camp was not only meant for the members of KVSC, but also for the members of the Poinsar Gymkhana.

Unfortunately, due to heavy rains during the period, many members couldn’t make it to the club. The participants, who played at the beginners level, enjoyed the training sessions.

There were approximately 15 players who benefitted from the event. The next camp will be held at The Classique Club, Andheri, from August 13.


Classique Club, Andheri

  From 13th to 22nd August 2004


ISP squash camp concludes
Mid-day : 24/8/2004

The Indian Squash Professional’s work of promoting squash to all parts of the city continued with the seventh ISP squash awareness clinic coming to an end at the Classique Club, Andheri on Sunday.

Almost 20 players attended the ten-day camp and learned the basics under the guidance of Sanjay Pawar.

The next camp will be held at Chaitanya Tower, Prabhadevi from August 24 to September 7.


Chaitanya Tower, Prabhadevi

  From 23rd August to 14th September 2004

ISP camp extended after huge turnout
Mid-day : 16/9/2004
The Indian Squash Professional’s ten-day free coaching camp at Chaitanya Tower, Prabhadevi concluded on September 12. But with close to 50 participants enrolling for the camp, IDP has decided to extend the camp.

According to Hitesh Gutka, coordination committee member of Chaitanya Towers, close to 50 names were registered on the first day of the camp.

The camp will be divided into various age categories so that the Indian Squash Professional’s coaches can focus on each category Under-15 age group participants Takshay Tarneja, Shikar Soni, Amal Hosangady, Pritvi Sinha, Nivedita Chopra among others were so excited by the camp that they are looking to take up squash on a regular basis.

ISP would also be organising a friendly tournament on the last day of the camp so that the participants could get a feel of playing in tournaments.

  Kalpataru Residency, Sion

 From 15th Oct to 24th Oct 2004


Sion squash camp is a hit
Mid-Day: 26/10/2004

Yet another squash camp organised by the Indian Squash Professionals turned out to be a huge success.

The tenth such camp was organised at the Kalpataru Residency in Sion earlier this month.

The youngest participants were eight-year-olds Mansi and Sukrit Rao, who were encouraged by their parents to take up the sport.

Pratik Bhakhtiani, another squash enthusiast was optimistic of his growth in the sport.


Spring Club, Kandivali


From 30th Oct to 9th Nov 2004



Arbaaz's fine act
Mid-Day: 9/11/2004

Squash received further boost in the city when a free coaching camp organised by the Indian Squash Professionals saw 60 participants taking to the game.

ISP professionals Joginder Singh and Pratesh Yelve were the coaches at the camp held for the first time at the Springs  club in Kandivali.

The ten-day camp that began from November 1 had more than its share of beginners queuing up for lessons.

But the number had to be restricted to 60 to allow everyone to get proper coaching.

“We have two courts and two coaches and practice everyday for three hours. If we had more than 60 entries, it would have been difficult for the coaches to concentrate on everyone equally,” said Ronnie Pinto, General Manager of the club.

Pinto also said that the involvement of the partici-pants was overwhelming.

“They all took a very keen interest in the game. THey were intent on learning and many are also looking at taking up the game on a reguar basis,” he said.

Actor Arbaaz Khan also paid a visit to the club. The actor, himself a squash player, spent time with the children and encouraged them to play the game regularly.

  Matoshree Club, Andheri

From 15th Nov to 25th Nov 2004


Clinical approach by ISP
Mid Day :
December 1, 2004

The 14th Indian Squash Professionals awareness clinic was organised at the Matoshree Club, Andheri recently.

The camp was held from November 16 to 25 and was attended by a bunch of enthusiastic squash players.

The free awareness clinic is part of ISP’s efforts to make squash more popular all over the state. Pratesh Yelve and Joginder Singh were the coaches.

The next camp will be at the IIT College, Powai from December 1 to 10 for students.


IIT Powai 

  1st to 10th Dec 2004

Squash bug bites IITians
Mid Day :
December 29, 2004

Indian squash Professionals work of promoting the sport to all parts of the state continued as a free camp was organised in the Indian Institute of Technology campus in Powai from December 1 to 10.

Almost 25 beginners attended the camp which had coached from the ISP.
17-year-old Ankit Gupta was the youngest participant at the camp. Many had played the game earlier but did not have a coach to learn under.

Ruchika Agarwal and Madhura Koglekar were the only girls to attend the clinic.

“After the camp, I realised that my stamina and endurance level had increased. This game is very good for fitness as well,” another participant Palash Tayal.

Dr BB Appaji, In-charge of Students Sports Academy till last year took the responsibility of promoting the game among his students.

All of us here greatly appreciate the efforts put in by the ISP. Also, I think squash should get just as mush attention as cricket,” he said


Hiranandani Complex, Thane 

  From 24th Dec to 3rd Jan 2005


Squash camp at Thane a big hit
Mid-day : 8/1/2005

The free squash coaching camp at Hiranandani Estate Club, Thane, organised jointly by Indian Squash Professionals (ISP) and Squash Racquets Association of Thane (SRAT) from December 24 to January 2 proved to be a big success.

Above 50 trainees attended the 10-day clinic. Existing national seeded players from the area also attended the camp.

The ISP coaches Joginder Singh and Sunil Verma focused their training on fitness and skills required for squash.