ISP Squash

Willingdon Handicap Team Squash 

  At Willingdon Catholic Gymkhana, Santacruz (West), Mumbai : 30-4-2000

At the prize distribution ceremony of Willingdon Handicap Team Event Squash from left: C.S. Pawar, Sanjay Pawar, Karan Bhatty, Vishal Kapoor (Capt of Otters 'B' winning team), Vijay Sonawane, Narendra Gour (Director, ISP), Cyrus Appu, Mahendra Agarwal (Founder Director, ISP), Supreet Singh & Noreena (ISP)

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All Results:

Otters "B" Beat The Leela  3-2
Supreet Singh lost to Priyanka Yadav 11-15, 10-15
Cyrus Appoo bt Rahil Shah 15-13, 15-17, 15-13
Vishal Kapoor lost to Sahil Shah 11-15, 15-13, 13-15
Karan Bhatty bt Mahendra Agarwal 15-13, 14-15, 15-13
Vijay Sonawane bt Chandrakant Pawar 15-9, 15-11


Otter B Beat The Club 4-1

Vishal Kapoor Lost To Saket Wali 16-17,15-9, 10-15.
Vijay Sonawane Beat Amitpal Kohli 13-15, 15-11, 15-13
Supreet Singh Beat Mihir Kapoor 12-15,15-11, 15-9
Karan Bhatty Beat Yakub Shaikh 15-13, 10-15,15-13
Sanjay Pawar Beat Sahil Vora 17-14, 11-15m, 15-11

The Leela Beat Otters "A" 3-2
Priyanka Yadav Lost To Vinay Bajaj 15-14, 13-15, 15-17
Rahil Shah Beat Niraj Shirgaokar 14-15, 15-13, 15-14
Sahil Shah Lost To Aditya Manjrekar 12-15, 15-8, 14-15
Mahendra Agarwal Beat Avinash Bhavnani 11-15, 15-8, 15-12
Chandrakant Pawar Beat Carl Bokdawala 13-15, 15-14, 15-14

Quarter Finals :

Otter  Club “A”Beat W.C.Gymkhana “B” 3-2
Carl Bokdawala  Beat Siddharth Malhotra 15-11 15 –12
Vinay Bajaj Lost To Bipin Batra 15-13, 14-15.11-15
Amit Chinoy Beat Rohan Gracious  15-11 15-13
Aditya Manjrekar Lost To Sandeep Parab 9-15,12-15  
Avinash Bhavnani Beat Rakshak Malhotra 15-13,15-12

Otter Club “B” Beat W.C  Gymkhana “B” 4-1
Douglas Goudinho Beat  Vishal Kapoor 15-9, 15-11
Anurag Gill Lost To  Supreet Singh 13-15 15-12 12-15
Jonathan Joshi Lost To Sanjay Pawar  13-15,15-17
Rajesh Sonawane  Lost  To  Vijay Sonawane 10-15 12-15
Karan Batra Lost To Karan Bhatty 15-10 12-15 13-15

The Club   Beat  Jindal (Vashind )  4-1
Amitpal Kohli  Beat  Vikas Jangra 15-12, 15-13
Mihir Kapoor Beat Rajiv Gupta  15-13,15-13
Rishab Vora  Lost To Sandeep Jangra  12-15 11-15
Saket Wali Beat Deepak Yadav 10-15,15-13 15-13
Yakub Shaikh Beat Arun Sharma  15-13 16-17 15-14

The Leela  Beat Juhu Centaur     3-2
Priyanka Yadhav Beat  Soni Pal Sethi 15-10 15-13
Rahil Shah  Beat Subhash Wali  12-15 15-13 15-11
Sahil Shah  Lost To Sanjay Goyal 11-15 13-15
Mahendra Agarwal Lost H – Fernandes  12-15 15-8 13-15
Chandrakant Pawar Beat Riaz Mohd. 13-15 15-12 15-12    

All Press Articles of the Tournament

Otters ‘B’ clinch squash title 
(Article in Free Press Journal, Mumbai :

Otters ‘B’ clinched the inaugural Willingdon Catholic Gymkhana Open Team handicap squash crown with an exciting 3-2 win over The Leela in the final at the WCG’s glass-back court.  

Priyanka Yadav The Leela, who make a dramatic entry into the title round, a vital lead after beating Supreet Singh 15-11, 15-10 in an absorbing opening tie. But Otters Cyrus Appoo came up with an unbelievable win over fancied Rahil Shah to win the next match at 15-13, 15-17, 15-13 in another exciting encounter.  

Otter’s formidable Vishal Kapoor was expected to give his side the lead after Appoo’s good showing, but, the HR College lad was shocked by Sahil Shah 11-15, 15-13, 13-15. The burden of brining Otters back into contention fell on Karan Bhatty, who lived upto his reputation by registering a 15-13, 14-15, 15-13 win over Mahendra Agarwal in an exciting cash which forced the decider.


Pawar wins crucial tie 
(Article in Times of India, Mumbai : 1/5/2000)

Chandrakant Pawar put up a stellar show for the second day running to lead The Leela into the final of the Willingdon Catholic Gymkhana (WCG) open glass-backed courts on favourites Otters ‘B’ in the title clash.  

Playing in the final tie against Otters ‘A’ team’s Carl Bokdawala, who had a handicap of 11, Pawar rallied from 9-14 match-ball in the third game to pull off a thrilling 13-15, 15-14, 15-14 win. On Friday, Pawar had fashioned The Leela’s stunning quarter-final win over Juhu Centaur.  


Pawar leads Leela into semi-finals 
(Article in The Daily, Mumbai : 30/4/2000)

Chandrakant Pawar ignored an opening game deficit to beat Juhu Centaur’s Riaz Mohd 13-15, 15-12, 15-12 in the crucial fifth tie to take the Leela into the semi-finals with a 3-2 verdict in the Willingdon Catholic Gymkhana Open Team Handicap Squash Championship at the WCG”s glass-back courts here today.  

Pawar’s win ensured The Leela’s entry into the last four after his team-mates Sahil Shah and Mahendra Agarwal lost their ties in contrasting fashion after the fancied Priyanka Yadav and Rahil Shah won the opening games to give the Leela a comfortable 2-0 lead.  

In other matches, Otters Club ‘A’ and “B’ teams surged into the semi-finals with contrasting victories over hosts Willindon Catholic Gymkhana’s “B’ and ‘A’ Teams, respectively.  

Avinash Bhavnani of Otters ‘A’ clinched the deciding tie against WCG’s Rakshak Malhotra 15-13, 15-12 after the teams were level at 2-2. Among the surprise losers in the encounter was WCG’s Rohan Gracious, who went down to Amit Chinoy 11-15, 13-15.  

WCG’s Douglas Goudinho pulled off a sensational opening game 15-9, 15-11 win over formidable Vishal Kapoor to give team a vital lead, but his effort went a begging after his team mates Anurag Gill, Jonathan Joshi, Rajesh Sonawane and Karan Batra lost their matches as WCG A crashed to Otters ‘B’ 1-4.  

The Club, Andheri registered a convincing 4-1 win to shock Jindal Vasind. Among the surprise losers were Jindal’s Vikas Jangra  who went down to Amit Pal Kohli 12-15, 13-15in the opening tie and Deepak Yadav who lost crucial fourth match to Saket Wali 15-10, 13-15, 13-15.


33rd Tournament Organised by ISP