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When I set out to better the lot of the professionals, or markers as they were called in squash, little did I realize that the saying’ One good deed deserves another’ would ring so loud and true. My interaction with The Times of India’s long-serving squash writer Pradeep Vijaykar and others opened doors I had never imagined. 

The media lapped up the cause of the pros. They supported the development of activities we did-camps, tournaments, felicitations, our website recognition for the sport and backing players who were getting a raw deal from the power-that-be.Of all the activities the one I value most is the in stature of the professionals, Today thanks to our efforts and team work there is co-ordination and teamwork amongst professionals.

The minimum a pro can get has risen from Rs 2,000 to Rs 5,000 at any club though a lot still needs to be done.  One pro I supported has two flats and a Maruti Zen,and is a role model for the team of professionals he leads. 

When ISP started, we were a small group. Today has a highly motivated team of specialists as committee members lead by Ashish Gupta. an active Director, Patrons, regular sponsers, dedicate if experts coaches, editors for our magazine and contributers for our website across the country. We have recognition and appreciation from the who’s who of squash from major squash-playing countries. 

Our think tank is presently working towards upgrading our professionals further.  professional coaching knowledge base. so that they may command more respectable fees develop players better. 

In years to come I hope others will replicate my efforts in their own way and do their bit. I believe if we give up fillip to the lowest rung of our squash, only then it can grow at the top and bring laurels the country has lacked. The Pakistani raised their pros to the skies and they ruled the world., 

As we celebrate the 75th tournament I hope we can do more for the grassroots, ensure the sport is played all over the state and country. From quantity will come quality as they say. 

for squash,

Mahendra Agarwal  

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