PRO SUPEX The Official Racket of Indian Squash Professionals

Winmark Enterprises has been appointed to import and market the 3 models of PRO SUPEX squash rackets manufactured in Taiwan.

To order:
Ask for Vijay at Mobile: 9892671129
Phone: 022-26605550
Winmark Enterprises
B-702, Dheeraj Heritage Residency, Shastri Nagar
SantaCruz (W), Mumbai 400054

a) Add Sales Tax: 5.4% for Maharashtra 10% for out of Maharashtra
b) In Mumbai, get free C.O.D. For outstation orders, add Rs. 100 for packaging and courier.
   Blaster-II is a versatile racekt of 140 gms, made of 100% graphite with excellent maneuverability and stoke play. Price Rs. 1600/-       Carbono 120 is a lightweight 120 gms 100% Carbon racket, with a good balance, control and power. Price Rs. 1900/-

Replacement Squash Strings: Single Colour Rs. 100/- , Twin Braided Rs. 125/-

   Junior Camp Composite is a shorter lenght racket suitable for children under 10 years. Manufactured in an aluminium -carbon composition for strenght and durability. Price Rs. 1100/-

In a market dominated by imports and no local manufacturing, quality rackets start at Rs. 3000/- upwards and are getting expensive. High costs of equipment and the knowledge that all squash rackets are prone to breakage, increases the resistance to join the sport, or sponsor your ward to the game.

Prospective parents of first time squash players are reluctant to invest in a squash kit for the fear that if their ward does not like the game, the money will go waste. Kids breaking their expensive rackets while playing are reluctant to ask for a replacement fearing parental wrath.

At the same time, players are getting used to high quality, low weight rackets and are not willing to purchase cheaper  but heavier or less competent rackets.

Indian Squash Professionals has recognized this urgent need to bring to existing and new players, quality rackets at affordable prices. With this intention, a worldwide hunt for a manufacturer of quality squash rackets at affordable prices was undertaken last year. After a lot of discussions and testing, PRO SUPEX a quality manufacturer of rackets having an expansive facility in Taichung, Taiwan was short-listed to supply squash rackets to Indian Squash Professionals.

Beside squash, PRO SUPEX is also manufactures tennis and badminton rackets, grips, strings, kit-bags, stringing machines, etc, is already supplying rackets to Argentina, England, Chile, Poland, Sweden, Canada, Venezuela, Peru, Korea, Germany, and Africa. This is their maiden foray into India.

A feather in their cap is the endorsement of the racket by Swedish National Champion and PSA ranked player Mr. Daniel Forslund. PRO SUPEX also holds the world patent for PTC Technology  the anti twist balance system for squash rackets.

Mr. Jong, their General Manager commented that while Taiwan is the world leader in manufacturing technology for squash rackets, the game does not enjoy the support of the local government. He was overwhelmed with ISP's activities in promoting the game, and has gone out of his way to ensure the top quality standards are maintained in the shipment that have been sent to India.

Indian Squash Professionals is happy to announce the introduction of “Pro Supex” squash rackets in India through Winmark Enterprises on an exclusive basis for ISP as the “Official Racket”.

We showed the proto-models to many players, parents & coaches and allowed them to hit the ball with these rackets (see their messages below). Their response helped us select three models from their vast range of models. These three models offer a fantastic value for money to players at prices in which you can buy two rackets instead of one comparable better-known brand. 


The Junior Camp Composite brought in for the first time in India, is the only racket available so far in a shorter length suitable to children under 10 years of age, who find it difficult to adjust to an adult size racket. Manufactured in an aluminumcarbon composition, makes it tougher to break for the new and inexperienced players. This racket will be offered at an invitation price of Rs. 1100/-*

The Blaster II is a superbly balanced mid range 140 gms 100% graphite racket with excellent maneuverability and stroke play and a delight for touch players. It is the most versatile racket in the range suitable for younger players to veterans, will be offered at an invitation price of Rs. 1600/-*

The Carbono 120 is a lightweight 120 gms 100% carbon racket, with a good balance, control and powerful punch offering extra strength for power players, and will be offered at an invitation price of Rs. 1900/-*

We are sure that the squash players will appreciate the availability of these rackets, which will be done only through direct channels eliminating the middlemen and the stores to help keep their prices highly affordable in relation to comparable models available across the shelf in stores around the country.

These rackets will be available through the professionals registered with ISP, clubs, and direct order by phone, fax or email to Winmark Enterprises Office and at the venue of various tournaments organized by ISP.

* price shown is indicative only and is subject to final calculations based on sales tax and other levies.



Carbono 120:  Head Size: 78 sq. in. , Cross Section: 18~20mm Straight Beam, Composition: 100% Carbon, Weight: 120 gms

Blaster II: Head Size: 78 sq. in. Cross Section: 14~20mm Straight Beam, Composition: 100% Graphite, Weight: 140 gms 

Junior Camp:Head Size: 74 sq. in. Cross Section: 19~20mm Straight Beam, Composition: Aluminum-Carbon, Weight: 170 gms


Message 1
ISP is committed to the game of squash and this is yet another initiative to make it better for all our players.
Mr. Mahendra Agarwal  Founder Director  Indian Squash Professionals

Message 2
It's a great idea, we will order a set of rackets for our markers. At these prices, we support this move all the way.
Eric Dastur  Squash Secretary, Willingdon Sports Club

Message 3
My son prefers branded rackets  but at these prices I will certainly play with them. Please order one for me 
Mr. Jagtap  Father of Aditya Jagtap  Boys under 13  Maharashtra Seeded Player.

Message 4
How soon can you send me ten rackets? We are putting it up to the committee to order more, but send me 10 immediately.
Dushyant Singh  Chief Coach  Mayo College

Message 5
Buying 170 rackets a year for our academy puts a big hole in our pocket. We have been compromising with cheaper but less competent rackets for long. ISP's initiative will really be appreciated at our courts. Sunil Verma  Coach, Jindal Squash Academy  Vashind

Message 6
The Carbono 120 feels good, it is slightly top heavy allowing for more fast and strong strokes, whereas the Blaster II is well balanced, touch players will really enjoy playing with this one.
A.I. Singh  Level III Certified Squash Coach.

Message 7
I just paid Rs. 7000/- for 2 Wilson's; I could have bought 4 rackets of this model at this price. Why didn't you tell me before?
Ashok Nagpal  Squash Secretary, Khar Gymkhana

Message 8
These new age rackets look brand new even after years of use. But just-as-much-as the fiberglass two-wheeler helmets become weak after a year and should be replaced; squash rackets too lose their tensile strength after regular use. To avoid injuries like the tennis elbow, and continue playing a hard game, it is equally important to change your squash racket regularly. At these prices most players can change their rackets frequently.
Shiv Malhotra  Member  SRAM

Message 9
If you do a good job once, you have to do it again. Keep it up ISP
Khalid Ansari  President SRAM

Message 10
This is my telephone number, as soon as you get stock of the Carbono 120, give me a call, I will drive down from Pune to pick up 2 rackets.
- Mr. Diggikar, Father of an upcoming Girls squash player

Message 11
I don't think these rackets are good for the very advanced players, each of these advanced players has a different requirement, but most of them are sponsored with free rackets anyway. For all other players I think these rackets are a great value for money. Let me know when the final stock comes in, I will recommend them for you in Pune.
Deepak Moolani  Coach  Pune Squash Academy.

Message 12
All squash rackets break sooner or later. With me it is sooner rather than later. I think it is pretty smart to buy the “Pro Supex” rackets available at half the price of other brands. I have played with them all, Wilson, Dunlop, Prince, you name it  none of these brands helped me improve my game over the other.
Ashish Gupta,Squash Player 

Message 13
I need to have atleast 2 rackets whenever I play a tournament. I can buy two “Carbono 120” which is a great racket, at the price of one. Now I won't worry about breaking my squash strings or racket during a tournament.
Dhiraj Nagpal   Team H.R. College.

Message 14
For a racket at Rs. 1100/- OK! I am willing to let my son try the game.
Mrs. Poonam Bijlani  Mother of a 6 year old.